Hey there! Welcome to my site!

My name is Yana but I go everywhere by Astro Flame… everywhere online that is, I haven’t changed my name officially… yet! LOL

I really don’t feel like writing another standard “I-am-so-serious-and-super-qualified” About Me page because while I am a professional astrologer I am also anti-boring (Aries stellium). This doesn’t mean I can not be serious and use a sensitive approach to a problem  when the situation requires it (Scorpio Moon).

If you are more of a visual type, you can check out my personal Instagram if that helps you to connect to my personality or get a better feel of what kind of person I am. It is @astro_flame but don’t confuse it with my astrological account which is @astro_flame.readings. 

If you’re more of “what’s your experience?” type of person I will give you a timeline of my life so far in a series of a “I have been ___ since___” sentences:

  • I have been living breathing since around 2:32 pm of April 8th, 1985 (for those of you who want to check out my chart, wink).
  • I have been interested in astrology and learning bits and pieces since about 1997 or so. The first book I read was by Linda Goodman.
  • I have been working with Natal Charts and transits for friends and relatives since 2016.
  • I have been roaming the world since 2006 but now I think Saturn in the 4th house has finally matured and anchored me right back in my hometown of Kurgan, Russia (here’s the missing piece of the birth info, double wink)
  • I have been studying astrology at serious astrology  schools and gathering my own collection of certificates since January 30th, 2019. For those who are interested in checking out the full election chart – contact me for the rest of the data. Mercury casimi in Aquarius was too good of an opportunity to pass.
  • I have been hanging out on astro-seek.com since early 2018. My interactions on the forum  impressed the site founder Petr so much that he asked me if I would mind helping him in creating the dominant planet calculator that he was working on at the time. This was the beginning of a long and interesting (and ongoing) collaboration during which I translated the site into Russian; pitched to him the idea of alphabetical correspondences on the Astrological Wheel which Petr developed even further and turned it into a wonderful Name Calculator with several different alphabets (English, Hebrew, Vedic, Arabic, Russian, Japanese); did other minor things I will not bore you with… as of now (January 2021) we’re working on a new calculator so – stay tuned!
  • I have been blogging about astrology since June 2018 so basically the articles reflect my professional growth. If you find some old ones that seem a little “undercooked” – yeah, I know but I’m not deleting them just yet and have no time to re-write them. Pay attention to the publishing date is all I can say here.
  • I have been working for one very popular astrological app since the age of the lockdowns March 2020. Unfortunately, for legal reasons I can not disclose the name of the app (it’s in my contract) but this work has given me priceless experience in consulting on a wide range of subjects.
  • I have been holding your attention with my exercise in Present Perfect Continuous for too long now 🙂 so let me show you around:

If you’re here for a reading / consultation you can use this page. I tried to make it simple, without astrological terms like “transits”, “horary”, “solar return” because you don’t have to know all this and I don’t make it your job to decide which technique to use. If you happen to know some astrology – that’s great too! You can always contact me with a specific request and we’ll work out the price. 

After the order is placed I will contact you within 24 to 36 hours (max) confirming the order and requesting birth data (date, time and place) and the description of your issue, so please have that ready to save us both time. Depending on how busy I am I usually take 2-4 days to get the report done. This may change if the task is customized to your needs or with additional people involved (for example a question of moving or buying property for a single person vs for a couple; in the second case I need to analyse the charts of both people).

If you’re just looking around or learning about astrology – check out my articles on various topics here.