Below you will find the description of services I currently offer. If you don’t see something that meets your needs, please contact me at or through Contact page and I will create a customized service for you.

NOTE! After receiving the payment I will email you with the confirmation and requesting the Birth information (date, time, place) as well as your question (for the Express service). Please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for the response.

Express Consultation

This service allows you to get a specific answer to a specific question on the wide range of subject: relationships, work and career, finance, personal and professional growth, buying or selling property and much more. This service will help you understand your situation better, make an informed decision or chose the best course of action in a particular life situation.

Express Consultation

A specific answer to your question.


Forecast (overview)

This forecast takes a look at the main trends and tendencies of the year ahead and describes which areas of your life will be in focus and demand more time and energy as well as helps you understand in which areas you need to be more proactive this year to get the most benefit from the rising opportunities or take preventive measures against the possible difficulties.

General Forecast

Main themes and trends of the year ahead


Forecast (detailed)

A deep analysis of the favorable and challenging periods during the following 12 months (from the date of purchase) with specific dates and description of the nature of the astrological influences. This knowledge will allow you to better plan your actions and take advantage of the opportunities as well as take steps to avoid or minimize difficulties.

Detailed Forecast

Month-by-month overview of the year ahead


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