Astrological Compatibility. (Part One)


Do you have a friend who looks up the Zodiac sign for every new romantic interest? And gets upset if “the stars” say it’s a horrible match?  Or shrugs it off and declares that that’s why they don’t believe “all that stuff” (but looks up the next person, as well)? Or maybe you are that friend?


So if you have ever wondered why it works in many cases, like for friend and some partners, but in others  a perfectly happy couple of 10 years is declared “the worst match ever” by dozens of Zodiac compatibility sites (apps), I’ll shed some light on it for you.


In astrology work, we consider many elements of your chart and while Sun is an important factor and is a part of your core, it is by no means the only thing that makes up the wonderful and complicated you. Just like flour, while being a very important element of a cake, is worth little without some eggs, sugar, salt, butter…you get the point!


Popularisation of Sun-sign astrology was a double edged sword wielded by Alan Leo back in late 19th century. It brought Astrology to the masses, but only a part of it, resulting in misinterpretations and misjudgement on many occasions. If we use food analogy again (yes, it’s my favourite analogy because virtually everyone understands it) – so in terms of food judging about a person’s character by Sun-sign only is like guessing a dish by one ingredient! If I tell you I’m cooking something today and I’m using eggs for it, would it tell you everything about a dish? Don’t think so. Same goes for our horoscope – each person has a certain set of “ingredients” and they are used in certain “amounts”.


Let’s come back to that couple I mentioned earlier, so that we can look at some astrological examples, before this starts looking suspiciously like a culinary article! I want to ask you to pause you reading for a second and google “Sagittarius Virgo compatibility”. Just skimming the search result page you’ll soon find out that the only advice they would get is: “Run away, the faster – the better!”. Yet we have a long lasting couple with 2 wonderful children. Did the weirdos staring at the stars get it wrong again? Not so fast!


Sun represents our ego, intellect and conscious self, it’s who we see ourselves as, better yes, who we aspire to be. It is, as I mentioned before one of the core elements. ONE. What other ones do we have? Guys, I’d like you to meet the Moon. Yes, I know you’ve met her before (and maybe even in the context of your chart), but let’s just introduce her once again  – she’s the opposite of intellect and consciousness, she’s the emotions and the subconscious self. Our need for security, our place of comfort. If you haven’t been “feeling like” your Sun sign (or at least not fully) – check your Moon sign, it will bring you an interesting discovery and much food for thought.


We are moving on with our couple analysis. It is a Virgo Man and a Sagittarius woman. Incidentally the man’s Moon is in Sag, in a close conjunction with the woman’s Sun. This kind of overlays are very often seen in married couples and long-term friends. While the Sun-sign astrology keeps telling us they’re not a good match, the real astrology shows that the qualities that woman is expressing with her personality are the same ones the man is emotionally comfortable with, what he subconsciously seeks for.


The woman’s Moon is in Pisces, opposite the man’s Sun. If you have ever looked at the Zodiac wheel, you know all signs come in pairs of opposites, and usually the predictions for compatibility of these opposites are divided into 2 categories. Some say it’s a very good match, as they complete each other. Others state it could be “either – or” and that with opposites it’s either love or hate. They don’t care to explain in which case it would be “yea” and in which –  “nay”. We will take a closer look at it in the second part of the article, for now I would like you to note that they already have one positive connection, where they find understanding in the way one person’s energy is expressed (Sun) and how it’s received (Moon) by the other.


The woman’s Moon is in Pisces, showing a tender, loving and quite vulnerable nature hiding behind the Sagittarius’ optimism and bravado. The man’s Virgo Sun brings a rational, measured and pragmatic approach into their interactions, grounding the Pisces, not letting her get lost in the sea of emotional trepidations. This is just the case where they complete each other and this is happening because they already have a mutual reception between his Moon and her Sun.


While Sun and Moon are an important part of anyone’s chart, and are the start of any interpretation, other elements need to be looked at, to get more details about the manner and “flavour” of the relationships between the 2 individuals. An astrologer looks at Venus and Mars, as main love and romance planets, as well as Jupiter and Saturn, house placements and chart angles’ contacts and so on. Our couple has a wonderful positive Moon/Venus double contact, as well as the man’s Saturn in her 7th house, showing the lasting quality of this union.


Of course, a rare couple manages to go through life without conflicts, but understanding where they are coming from helps to better manage the arguments in the future. For example her Mars is in a tense aspect to both his Jupiter and Mars, showing possible conflicts about some of her beliefs (Jupiter) about health and lifestyle (in her 1st house) and her close relatives (his Mars is in her 3rd house – house of siblings and other close relatives, her Mars opposes it, while it is the ruler of her natal 3rd – clear indication of clashes on this ground).


In the second part I will talk about more examples of opposite sign compatibility. If you want to gain a better understanding of the relationship with your spouse, romantic partner or any other significant person in your life (friend, colleague, boss, sibling) you can order a compatibility reading with me (use the Contact form).